Saturday, August 6th, 2022
3 Working Fires in 24 HoursAt 1114 hours on Friday August 5th, Engine 72 staffed with 4 personnel responded authority of Chief 15 for a Structure Fire with Possible Entrapment on Old Mill Road in the ...
Wednesday, July 27th, 2022
At 0919 hours on Wednesday July 27th, Engine 71 was alerted authority of Chief 5 to assist Mt. Clare, Lost Creek, West Milford, and Reynoldsville VFDs with a Structure Fire on Mt. Clare Road in the ar...
Tuesday, July 26th, 2022
At 2333 hours on Tuesday July 26th, Company 11 (Spelter VFD), Engines 41 (Lumberport VFD), 71, and 101 (Shinnston VFD) along with HCES were dispatched for a Structure Fire in the 3500 block of Shinnst...
Wednesday, July 20th, 2022
At 1201 hours on Wednesday July 20th, Company 9 (Salem Fire/EMS) and Squad 7 were alerted for a Vehicle Accident with Injuries and Entrapment on Route 50 WB near Dark Hollow Road outside of Salem. Squ...
Thursday, December 2nd, 2021
BIG NEWS!It is with great pleasure and pride to announce that the Nutter Fort Fire Department has improved its ISO rating from a Class 3; 03/3X to a Class 2; 02/2X effective March 1st, 2022. As of 201...
Thursday, August 5th, 2021
Long post alert: Approximately 3 years ago, our Engine 72, that was equipped with a 50 foot telesquirt, failed the required annual ladder testing. What does this mean? Every aspect of our firefighting...
Wednesday, June 16th, 2021
While restocking West Millford Volunteer Fire Department, ATD was thrilled to leave a tote with newest department, Nutter Fort!Nutter Fort Fire Department (Harrison County)Pictured from left: Jr. Fire...
As of today, June 17, 2020, the Nutter Fort Fire Department is announcing the cancellation of our 10th Annual Ultimate Giveaway for the year 2020. This decision, while not an easy one to make, was arr...
Fire glossary
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29 entries in the Fire glossary beginning with "D"
Firehouse dog.
Dead lay
A load of hose on a pumper, but not connected to a pump outlet. Often used for larger supply lines.
Dead Man Zone
Unburnt areas around edges of brush fire.
Deck gun
A master stream device mounted to top deck of pumper.
An explosion with a propagation front traveling at subsonic speeds, as compared to supersonic detonation.
Deluge gun
A master stream device that can be positioned on the ground based on the need of the incident commander.
Deluge system
Type of sprinkler system in which sprinkler heads do not have individual valves, and the water (or other extinguishing agent) is disbursed from all sprinkler heads simultaneously when a central (or zoned) valve is triggered by a sensor (or manually). Typically reserved for industrial areas where rapid fire spread must be prevented at the cost of damaging non-burning materials.
Demobilization, or a crew being removed from working a fire.
Denver Door opener
Heavy pry bars connected with a hinge, one with an adjustable foot, used for prying open doors.
Denver tool (also called TNT tool)
A combination axe, sledgehammer, pry tool, ram, and D-handle pull tool used to gain forcible entry to buildings, automobiles, etc. during emergency situations.
Detection system
See Alarm system.
Detergent foam
See Aqueous Film Forming Foam.
Direct Attack
Any treatment applied directly to burning fuel such as wetting, smothering, or chemically quenching the fire or by physically separating the burning from unburned fuel.
Direct attack
Putting the wet stuff on the red stuff." A form of fire attack in which hoses are advanced to the fire inside a structure and hose streams directed at the burning materials.
Discharge flow
The amount of water flowing from a fire hydrant when it is opened; compare to static flow and residual flow.
Refers to person or place designated for handling a call for help by alerting the specific resources necessary.
Distributor pipe
Portion of fire hydrant or sprinkler system connecting main loops to smaller loops where outlets are located.
Double female
Firehose adapter for connecting two male" couplings together; may also adapt different sizes on either side.
Double male
Hose coupling adapter with two male-threaded connectors back-to-back; used for connecting two female couplings together.
Dozer line
Fireline constructed by the front blade of a bulldozer or any tracked vehicle with a front mounted blade used for exposing mineral soil. Also catline.
29 entries in the Fire glossary beginning with "D"

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