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Thu. Dec 1st 2016
Large Afternoon Garage Fire

At 1415 hours on Thursday December 1st, Engine 71 was added to the BOX assignment for the Working Garage Fire on Coplin Run R...

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Sat. Nov 19th 2016
Commecial Fire in Downtown Salem

At 2044 hours on Saturday November 19th, Company 9 (Salem VFD), Engines 81 (Reynoldsville VFD), 71, and 64 (Harrison EMS) wer...

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Tue. Nov 8th 2016
Crews Saves Home from Garage Fire

At 1456 hours on Tuesday November 8th, Company 8 (Reynoldsville VFD), Engines 71, 41 (Lumberport VFD), and 51 (Mt. Clare VFD)...

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News Headlines
Fri. May 20th 2016
Harrison County Brings Home Trophies from Strawberry Festival

On Friday May 20th,  Asst. Chief/EMR Richards, LT/EMT Ferrari, Firefighter/EMTs Singer and Swiger, and Firefighter Merri...

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Fri. Apr 15th 2016
ISO Rating

The Nutter Fort Fire Department is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a new ISO Class Rating of 3. This is a 2 poi...

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Sun. Oct 25th 2015
Core Rescue Class

This past weekend, 13 members from the 7 House participated in Core Rescue Class instructed by Scott "Pickle" Wilbu...

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~~The Officers, Members, & Families of the Nutter Fort Fire Department would like to thank those who have shown support over the past two weeks during the loss of our brother Michael “Mikey” Garrett. Words cannot express our sincere gratitude to those who offered kind words, lent a hand, provided a shoulder to cry on, brought food in, sent expressions of sympathy, or were just present in our time of need.

 Michael always had that smile on his face and brightened any room. He was not only a firefighter, an EMT-I, and the treasurer of the department, but a true friend to all who had the privilege of knowing him. Michael was family. To the children of the fire department, he was “Uncle Mikey”, the one who was never too busy to stop what he was doing and enjoy their company.

 So many men and women from neighboring fire departments, not limited to Harrison County, took time out of their lives to stop what they were doing and provide their services to the citizens of this town and the surrounding areas by covering our station. For this gesture, we cannot thank you enough. The words spoken by fellow firefighters and the community to our members will never be forgotten. These acts of kindness and the outpouring of love received is what will help us all to heal.

 As a whole, the Nutter Fort Fire Department will never be the same, but instead will come together as a stronger, more unified force, as the bonds between us have been strengthened. We will move forward to serve the community with the utmost honor, respect, and dignity. The members of the Nutter Fort Fire Department are proud to have been touched by Mikey and will continue on in our service with Heaven’s new angel watching over us.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

 ~Officers, Members, & Families of the Nutter Fort Fire Department


     The Nutter Fort Volunteer Fire Department is located in central Harrison County, WV. Located just minutes from downtown Clarksburg and Bridgeport, we serve an area of 88 square miles covering a small portion of Interstate 79 as well as a stretch of US Route 20 and US Route 57 through the communities of Nutter Fort, Quiet Dell, Center Branch, Walnut Hill, Willow Beach, Craigmoor, Romines Mills, and Bicetown. We also provide mutual aid to every fire department in Harrison County and to any agency that needs our assistance. Our goal is to protect the citizens we serve from threats against life and property, to develop and train to increase knowledge and skill, while showing pride, dedication, courage, respect, kindness, patience, and compassion. 

     We are blessed to have a roster of over 35 firefighters, both men and women, actively serving the department.  We respond to more than 600 calls per year ranging from fires, vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, rescues, and public service calls. We are also a licensed Rapid Response BLS agency through WVOEMS to ensure the best medical care possible. Our apparatus consist of  two engines, one heavy rescue, a tanker, two utility trucks each with different roles, a brush unit, a ranger for off road rescue, fire suppression, and recovery, and a boat.  

     Our department relies on fire levy support, state and local funds, donations, and with hard work and dedication by the members, fundraisers. Our organization appreciates any contribution regardless of how big or small.

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